Finland-China International Contemporary Ink Art Exhibition

Finland-China International Contemporary Ink Art Exhibition

The opening reception of Finland-China International Contemporary Ink Art Exhibition was successfully held at Red Gallery on 15th December 2018. The exhibition is a diverse and international / intercultural event presenting works of artists from different countries.

The exhibiting artists, Zhang Miao, Yu Cun, Liang Yue and Zhang Du are from China, the artist Maya Zhang is from Canada, the artist Xiao Qing is from France, the artist Chen Sijia is from the US, and the artists Rain Lin, Mikko Ilmari Hallikainen and Mia Waire are from Finland.

Mr. Gao Yuhang, Head of Education Sector, Chinese Embassy in Finland, attended the opening reception. Meanwhile, The event was also covered by Chinese and international media, among others Mr. Li Jizhi, chief correspondent of Xinhua Helsinki Bureau, covered this exhibition and interviewed the exhibiting artists.



The curator of this exhibition, the founder of Red Gallery, Rain Lin told chief correspondent of Xinhua Helsinki Bureau during an interview that, the motivation for organising the Finland-China international contemporary ink art exhibition is that as a media of artistic creation, the ink has been learned by many western artists, we are organising this exhibition under the matchmaking topic of ink, in order to show the difference in defining the ink by artists from the Eastern and Western backgrounds, and provide an opportunity for their exchange experiences. She hope this will broaden their horizons, and help the cultural communication between the east and the west.

Rain Lin, herself is an artist living in Finland and her series of works “Walking the dogs” is presented in this exhibition as well. The inspiration for this series: walking the dogs is a part of the Finnish lifestyle. Finns practice it in a very serious and tenacious way. No matter how terrible the weather is, they will insist on it. By illustrating walking the dogs, and describing how insistent the Finns are, she wants, in an unrestrained and vigorous style, to express her relentless pursuit of art, as well as her enjoyment of the creation.








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