Finland is searching for talents at Emigration EXPO

Finland search talents at Emigration EXPO

We  call call for all talented professionals interested in pursuing their careers in the happiest country in the world!

Explore what we have to offer and start working in Finland! In particular, we are looking for ICT professionals, marine industry experts as well as health and wellness experts. Finland is among the superpowers in ICT & Digitalization, from 5G networks to financial technology and AR/VR innovations to IoT, digital education and health solutions. At our stand, you can access open jobs in Finland. We will also tell you about living in Finland.


Did you know that Finland:

…is the happiest country in the world (UN World Happiness Report 2018)
…has the most employee friendly working hours (European Company Survey)
…is the greenest country in the world (Yale University)
…is no 1 in skill development at work (European Working Conditions Survey)

In Finland you can truly balance your work life and you have plenty of free time to enjoy the nature, family and hobbies without any compromises in your career advancements. Women and men are truly equal at work. It is no wonder that Finland is votes for the best country in the world for expat families.

Bring your expertise to the Finland stand at Emigration Expo 2019 in Houten and discover why Finland is a great place to advance your career. At the booth we will have representatives from three different major cities in Finland: Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. You will get specific information on the jobs in each city as well as more information on the cities as places to live. Emigration Expo has about 11,000 visitors and it is Europe’s largest event for emigrants, expats, job seekers, entrepreneurs and anyone else looking to live abroad. The Emigration Expo is a must for everyone planning to move abroad, temporarily or permanently.


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