Helsinki Olympic ground to be covered with natural grass

Helsinki Olympic ground natural grass

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium will have a natural grass field, built with cultivated turf grown in Finland, said a press release of City of Helsinki.

The turf will be brought to the Olympic Stadium this autumn. The turf base has been built with care, in order for the grass to take root well before the winter.

The new natural grass field of the Olympic Stadium will have to withstand hard wear. The grass must perform well for all events organized at the Stadium, ranging from sports to concerts.

In order to achieve a top-rate natural grass field, all components – grass types, the base, fertilizers, chalk, technology and the conditions – have to match.

The field of the Olympic Stadium has been fitted with more than the regular amount of underground drainage pipes, to prevent pools from forming on the turf especially in shady places.

The soil in which the grass grows is more permeable than earlier. Water has to pass through the turf efficiently, but water must not wash away fertilizers. The soil also should not be too easily compacted, and the grass roots should have enough air.

According to field master Jani Kurvinen, designated as the Olympic Stadium’s own grass whisperer, the Olympic Stadium’s natural grass field will have the best grass in Northern Europe. The turf has been cultivated with top-rate grass types in a top-secret place in Finland.

The Olympic Stadium reconstruction work is under way. The Stadium will be a multi-purpose arena that meets the requirements of major international events. New floor space will amount to 19,290 square metres. The total floor space of the Stadium including the field and spectator areas will be 90,000 square metres.

The Olympic Stadium is now scheduled to be available for regular events in late summer 2020.


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