• Helsinki Olympic ground natural grass

    The Helsinki Olympic Stadium will have a natural grass field, built with cultivated turf grown in Finland, said a press release of City of Helsinki.The turf will be brought to the Olympic Stadium this autumn. The turf base has been built with care, in order for the grass to take root well before the winter.

  • Helsinki Finland local guide

    The Finnish capital, which has committed to being carbon neutral by 2035, is great for island-hopping, nightlife, cool design and steaming saunas.

  • Google invest to Data Center in Hamina

    Google will invest 600 million euros in the Hamina-based data center, located in the Kymenlaakso region, about 145 kilometers east of Helsinki. It will also invest in two wind power projects that will produce 250 megawatts of clean electricity.  The plans of the web search giant were announced on Friday at the press conference in Helsinki attended by Prime Minister Antti Rinne and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who’s visiting Finland. 

  • interview with Alexander from Russia living in Finland

    Today’s interview is with Alexander, a Russian expat living in Finland. Recently, Finland and Helsinki have achieved high rankings in international ratings in education, living standard, and safety. While it is indeed a very good place to live, is it as perfect for expats? What it’s like to live in Helsinki, Finland as an expat?

  • Lahti European green capital in 2021

    Lahti is the first Finnish city to be appointed as the European Green Capital at the awards ceremony in Oslo June 20 2019.

    The title of European Green Capital is the European Commission’s recognition of a city that is a pioneer in environmental activities, serves as an example to other cities and develops innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Winning the title means that in 2021, a number of international and local environmental events will take place in Lahti.

  • Tallinn and Helsinki 20-minutes train

    The Finnish Government has announced the construction of a 103-kilometre tunnel that will connect Finland to Estonia, which will allow people to travel from Helsinki to Tallinn in only 20 minutes. Currently, it takes two hours to travel between the two capital cities. At the moment, the journey can only be done via ferries across the Gulf of Finland. On some days, however, the ferries do not operate due to adverse weather conditions.

  • Finland carbon neutral by 2035

    The new Finnish government has pledged to make the country carbon neutral by 2035, one of the fastest targets set around the world. In a coalition deal published on Monday that also includes increased welfare spending, the new government said it was committed to reform both Finland and the European Union’s climate policy to limit global average temperature increases to 1.5C.

  • World Circular Economy Forum 2019

    Sitra is hosting the World Circular Economy Forum 2019 at a time of high hopes mixed with many uncertainties. The scientific and technological advances to save the planet are gathering momentum, while big question marks remain in terms of the political will, behavioural change and systemic transformation required to achieve sustainability.

  • City break in Turku

    Finland’s oldest city and former capital is well worth a visit, with buzzing bars, restaurants and museums, plus 20,000 islets to explore. Quiz question: which is the oldest city in Finland and became the capital in 1809? No, not Helsinki – Turku. This south-western city, little-known to UK travellers, was the most important in Finland for hundreds of years.

  • interview with Albert living in Finland

    Today’s interview is with Albert from Romania  living in Finland.  Albert Papp is one of the newest members of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and has been living in Finland since the end of 2018. We chat about a number of things including his origins, language history, moving to one of the northernmost capitals of the world, and his progress in learning the language of his adopted country.

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